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In terms of cooperation, national duty, and keenness to provide the best, the idea of Eagle Nest Platform emerged, which provides its services uniquely and distinctively, as it has no counterpart at the local and regional levels. For the sake of sustainable performance and continuous bidding, it was agreed to conclude a business partnership in this project that clarifies the formula and tasks and responsibility. This agreement also clarifies aspects of professional and institutional commitment as a legal entity that practices business and abides by controls and laws.

   The idea of Eagle Nest Platform is centered around providing a platform for malware analysis according to the highly professional and internationally known in the digital community, by activating the role of the social communication SGIR group, which brings together a group of distinguished people in this field under one slogan, as well as the experience, scope and work of the Safe Decision Co. The engine hub of this agreement. Hence the name had a share and relationship in the working group, as it is a platform for the creators targeted by this agreement.


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